Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Spirituality based upon superstition is always weak, self centric and fear based. If one thinks that all outcomes and “signs” will always conform to ones wishes, and if one thinks that this is the marker of integrated success, then one will be truly disappointed. Superstition always contains several premises of division and self importance/pity. Notably, there is some acting power outside of oneself, and the placating/appeasement of that force, should lead to getting what one wants or avoid what one doesn't want (and often included is some acknowledgement of one’s importance via sign negative/positive). One who bases spirituality upon sign/outcome will always be flimsy and a slave, while those solid and confident (in the true nature) are never swayed. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna relates to Krishna that he shouldn't fight because “all the signs are bad” and he had dreams of gloom. This however, was a indulgence on the part of Arjuna, and Krishna tells that dharma should be stronger than mere petty indicators. Just so, in the life of a sadhak, one should continue on and push ever deeper into the heart of reality (as ones dharma), regardless of what presents in life. When it is so, then one is a true warrior, and challenges which present are opportunities to demonstrate (to the mirror) ones artistry or they are opportunities to face nakedly an aspect within which needs facing. Ultimately, they are opportunities to stand unmoved upon a platform which needs no reinforcement, and to see the mudra of perfection reflected. Indeed, when one can see the mudra of perfection in any “situation”, then what pittance of other “sign” can even compare.

People often search for the divine hand within a situation, while they should recognize it in themselves regardless of situation. (And in so doing, the reaction within, is the situation) With the later “mentality”, the aspect of blessing or curse are equal (or both seen as blessing, not from without, but in a wholeness of pure “demonstration”). Great saints have died of painful illness, have been tortured, and imprisoned. Countries dedicated to noble principles have been invaded and sacked. Good people have been poor…mistreated, and bad people rich and revered. All this is to say, if you base the reflective nature of reality upon conventional manifestation (materialism), then you’ll be disappointed. However, if you base the reflection upon the vastness of your heart, then everything will open to you. It will never disappoint…which isn’t to say that anger and frustration may not arise, but even these can reflect back a loving embrace which cannot divide.

Superstition is always about “me”. Either, I am important because of (good) or I am important because of (bad). To be free of self concern and self cherishing, is to free the life to experience (or not, as “experience” as often defined is often still “concerned”) that essence which is both untouched and moves all. To be free of superstition, is to empower the awareness within, and (maybe seemingly ironically) to give birth to real faith. Real faith is one pointed, does not scatter. In practical terms, a one pointed sadhak is completely unmanageable to any obstructing influences. Ultimate penetration is a certainty…just a matter of time. It is sure…seal it.