Sunday, April 1, 2012

You Are That

"The going forth of consciousness is in actuality a contraction" Yoginihridaya
The above quote really points to something profound when considered a bit deeper. When one thinks about the Universe and its mind blowing vastness with billions of galaxies and countless stars, seen in the context of nearly immeasurable time, then one has the sense of “the going forth of consciousness”. Often though, the intuition (or teaching) is that this “going forth” is the expansion of consciousness, but what is indicated here is that it is a contraction. The implication is truly stunning, as it indicates the true endless depth of consciousness which is verily ones true nature. Even within the smaller context of a life or a life stream, the manifestation (going forth) is a contraction within the vast backdrop of the limitless consciousness. To recognize the contraction allows one to open through it or penetrate it, and to recognize a contraction in something so vast (as the Universe itself) is an opportunity to awaken deeply to what one always has been (when not contracted). It is just so beautiful and thrilling, and such a vast mystery!!! One will never “solve” the mystery, but can only get out of the way and be it.