Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life and Liberation

Life is going to provide some blows, and one should take those blows nakedly. I like the word "blow" because when one openly encounters life, it can indeed feel like a punch to the gut. The difficult situations that arise are great opportunities to meet energy in a raw state. However, the impulse is usually one of contraction, and this contraction creates "knots". The contraction (and thus knots) are reinforced by the rationalizations that provide further defense for the hit. Taking the "hit" fully is a profound dharma which continually opens and reveals. The immediate pain can even transmute in the moment to bliss when the energy is accepted without story or defense. Moreover, the defense (in the contraction) usually relates to the protection of self (identity) and the wise sadhak will use situation/interaction and any blows there from to help break that which is breakable (and reveal “that” which is not).

The nature of the "blows" will differ based on person/situation, and can be a heartbreak, an illness, or be as simple as a harsh word (or as simple as life itself). While it is best to directly encounter in the moment, one can engage directly with past "blows" that were not "taken" because the contraction/defense leaves the energetic residue. It is important to note that this is not about a psychological process (which is largely the contraction process), nor the indulgence in memory (or hurt), but rather a direct encounter. The nature of ego sense/self identity is very fragile, so it usually doesn't take much for people to feel hurt and defensive. In fact, most people are not ready to take even a harsh word or a sharp wisdom. (It runs contraction, defense, and then aggression). To be ready to take a sharp energy, one must be able to encounter life situation (and the myriad poke and barbs both subtle and gross) and take the hit without closing up. To take challenge as path, means that one is without obstruction, as everything indicates freedom.

All this does not mean that one should let people piss on them, and one should also stand and protect the dignity within. But part of that dignity is being able to absorb (which is to say disperse) blows. The engagement without defense is in actuality a profound defense since the energy lacks a place to "land". It just "pings" the heart and then is liberated. As one sees energy liberated and begins the see "self" in such terms, then all is liberated. Of course, all this is not to suggest that one should "allow" people to dump their garbage on them or invade the subtle body. These are different matters, the distinction of which is either apparent or one may need to see the distinction in their own life.