Monday, October 31, 2011

Accomplished Presence-Meditation

"For the one of perfection, changeless like space, how can there be any samsara or its manifestation? How can there be any end or the means to achieve it?" Ashtavakra gita

One of the biggest obstacles or misunderstanding that arises surrounding meditation and ultimately liberation surrounds the issue of thought and ones association with it. In this, there often becomes an improper view and one of struggle which need not be present. Meditative awareness, or rather pure Awareness is the natural state and there need not be anything added or taken away. Thought does not "harm" this reality regardless of content, and the arising of thought or any other phenomenon need not be battled with. Concentration involves a certain focus of attention, but without a true understanding of meditation (via one true nature/awareness) , a real focus of penetrating and expansive concentration will lack depth.

One need not stop thought and having this intention will only create a tension that propagates it. It is more than sufficient to just see that thoughts are insubstantial, transparent, and fleeting. Indeed, thought is a microcosm of our "own" liberation because they are constantly liberated. It is only when one takes a certain association which leads to dwelling and attachment that gives the appearance of bondage. However, the conviction born out of insight or realization knows that the true nature is and has always been free. This conviction needs to be greatly internalized to the point where even apparent bondage is liberation. Without this, the motions of meditation or the more profound paths of expressed resonance/integrity (like Tantra) will not have the proper base (or baselessness).

"Rest relaxed in the natural state without trying to alter anything. If this fetter of thought is loosened, there is no doubt you will be liberated." Tilopa

One should have great compassion, not only for others, but for what arises in themselves. Therefore, let what arises come in compassion and then have the compassion to let it go into its liberation. This is not only true of thought, but also emotions and any inner feelings/phenomenon. This does not mean that one becomes stupid or like a stone, and it doesn't make one "cold". Indeed, it allows one to fully engage in each profound moment in such a heart expanding warmth. People associate engagement with/dwelling on thought (and to some extent feels) as being a rational exercise, but the real fact is that it creates an irrationality of projections and assumptions. Moreover, seeing thought/feeling as transparent does not mean that one cannot engage with those processes to make decisions etc., nor does it mean that the energy contained cannot be brought into a deep accord (as it relates to the Tantric processes). Often people get immeshed over the content of a thought, but seeing the true nature of what arises means a equality of liberation. So the thought of "Shiva/Devi etc. sure are great and I love them" is no more liberated than "I would sure like to rob a liquor store after having sex with a nun". Both both thoughts arise in freedom (and are liberated) which may be expressed as ACTUALLY Shiva or Devi (as opposed to a thought about them etc.).

Not only are phenomenon liberated, but in the teaching of Mahamudra they are said to be "self liberated", which is an interesting expression since it means they are liberated without "you" or needing your "approval". Regardless if it makes sense or has been "figured out" in a way that satisfies, the self liberated quality is already in complete liberation. Just understanding this intuitively can reveal a view that frees. Even that which seeks to understand is self liberated, and it is simply a delusion of arrogance to consider otherwise. These deep convictions spring from a natural source which takes no effort, but rather sees the fallacy of the one trying to understand. And the true understanding is the ground of true meditative awareness that sits ever and always in totality, and it has not waited for you. That pristine source will not become "greater" when you realize it, and hasn't been "less" when you haven't.

That presence is already accomplished. Just recognize it. In recognition, what appears to be ignorance is union, and without it, what appears to be profound is utter shit. Nowadays, it is all appearance...why not just come to it instead of relying on clever phrases and holy postures. Tell someone to fuck off in liberated awareness, it is more holy than saying a bunch of nice words in ignorance. Be what you ARE anyway.

"Do not meditate..Be! Do not think you are....Be! Do not think about being...You ARE!" Ramana Maharshi