Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Problem

OM punamadah purnamadam purnat purnamudacyate purnasya purnamadaya prnamevava shisyate (That is perfect, this is perfect. From the perfect, the perfect manifests. If you take the perfect from the perfect, then only the perfect remains.)

For many, Tantra represents the "problem" business, but for those seeking entry, it should be regarded as the "no problem" business. One must come to the mature insight that "problem" is largely a state of mind, rather then a set of circumstances. Ones "problems" are in no way unique, and neither the circumstances nor the individual are "special". Everybody faces difficulties and challenges ("life" is not just out to get or stick it to "you"), and wise people have a perspective that doesn't allow for the indulgences which seek or exacerbate drama. There is no denying that life is a rough game and people can face very difficult situations; however, many of the "problems" that people have are simple petty concerns and self created. People tend court various interpersonal dramas because it is "exciting" and then complain about the "problems" it creates. People also tend to have expectations, and expectations always lead to "problem".

Greater than the mindset of "problem" or "no problem", is the realization of inherent perfection which is really NO PROBLEMS. To realize a perfection of "No Problem", one needs to be a devotee of what is (rather than what should be). The state of "problem" is a full stop with many tangents of entanglement, while "no problem" is an open door with infinite possibilities of subtle realization and depth. It is a very important to differentiate the realization that there is never a "problem" from a contrived "no problem" approach. The later approach is no better than some "conceive it, believe it, achieve it" fantasy (for example The Secret) which only solidifies the "problem" (dual) state. Most Tantric sadhaks fail (suffer from boredom, have trouble with attention, sleepiness etc.) because of wrong view and not because of wrong action. Many take the problem and process view; an approach that says "I am doing the sadhana" and "someday I may perfect it". This is falacy. Correct view is that one must do the work of the Ishta Devata (and all that entails) with the "NO Problem" view. This means that the work is done AS all/only consciousness and already in a state of Perfection. One sits as the Perfection, and One is a perpetual imminence which is not subject to procedure. Sit on the throne as Perfection, and let the subtle processes catch up; if not then they may be disgarded/ignored because as the Perfect Nature "I" am not concerned with them (this just a gross expression of the the inner mudra or bhava assumed) The question may arise "what if one cannot intuit the Perfect Nature?", and the answer is that one is not ready for the Vidya; or if they are already involved then they should "fake it". (One "fakes" being a jackass all the time, so why not "fake" ones true nature.) One teacher expressed a sentiment that comes from the Lankavatara Sutra which says that the True Nature is not greater when realized, nor less when not. If one investigates this and really understands the implication, then one is left with "no problem".

The question certainly comes (as it did to me recently), what about all the suffering, greed, and barbarism (war, murder, rape, torture etc.)? These are all certainly terrible situations which call to the compassionate heart, yet these actions also take place within the landscape of perfection and "no problem". (The Truth is not greater for ones compassion, nor less great because of the barbarism.) The arising of any response toward the witnessing of these actions (or taking action) is also not a problem, and shouldn't be made into one. One either takes action (i.e. does something) or they do not; there is no point to create a problem mentally in either situation which is simply energetic inefficiency at best, and at worst leads to the same mentality as those "perpetrators". There is infinite room for energetic expressions within the "no problem" view, so we are speaking more to the inner actualities than the specific forms (for example: it is often said that aggression perpetuates itself, but aggression [via naked wrathful expression] can also be very efficient and required). Tantrics are a bit unique because they are willing to meddle (i.e. bring to bear), but the meddling takes place with the realized view that recognizes "no problem"; this should be meddling without entanglement. If an action is taken, then it should lack expectation and the fruits of the action should be renounced; if the action was taken with the correct view, then there is nothing to renounce.

Expectation is the mother of all "problem" since expectations generally are not in line with Reality (What IS). One can have a high standard, but ones sharp Awareness (NO Problems) should vigilantly cut the seeds of expectation. The sadhana should be done without expectation because one sits as completion. What obstacle could arise? If Shiva and Kali come before you and tell you that you fucked up, still don't move from this completion. "I have (Big I) already won, you just may not know it yet" should be the sentiment even as it applies to ones own inner processes. If "problem" people attempt to entangle you in their delusions, then become a cold blooded assassin; there is no end to it otherwise, and while they likely will not get the point, they certainly will not get it by stroking their ignorance.

The majority of correspondence that we receive is related to some "problem". We are not talking about life or death, but mainly material concerns about making some poor sap their spouse, making more money (better job), or taking action against those who have wronged them (usually family members). The person is usually quite desperate to solve that "problem", and one can only think what they could be if the energy and urgency were put toward self discovery instead. The perspective is always small however because they are unable to step back from the drama of their life. One can look at anothers problem with great dispassion; when it comes to themselves, they loose this view. Can we not see that the master is "I" and it is the direct relation that person or event has to this that determines its importance? His Mom dies, "shit happens." Your Mom dies, it is "Truly terrible...God must hate us." A teacher once said that you can either embrace All of it or None of it, but you must do so completely. In Tantra, we go a step further and do both (through the mudra of Union).

The spiritually inclined are often more naive and superstitious in ways that don't except "What IS" (Reality). It can be a rough world we live in, so one should understand this and except it. If the tendency arises to change things, then this should also be excepted, but not naively. Everyone who passes through takes their lumps, and spirituality does not exempt one from this. Moreover, every difficulty that arises is not some sign that you have failed; rather it is just the common condition of life. One on the path may have to endure more challenges and obstacles, and while peace (in so far as it shines from the natural state) is a good condition for deeper reflection, it is not the goal itself. One should be willing to take war and an ass kicking (over peace) if that leads to Truth. One should not blame divine forces for difficulties and this tendency shows a lack of understanding about the way life moves. To blame the Devata (or Guru, etc.) is to view them as entities and to view oneself as a separate entity. Devata is not personal entity and the ethic (i.e. laws) of the movement of embodiment cannot simply be viewed from the human model (sentiment, ethic etc.). Much misunderstanding of certain rituals is precisely because people cannot see there way past human centric ethics and human sentimental perspectives. It is important to lose the impulses of the naive and superstitious, in order to truly come into the very raw state of No Problem. There are no special exemptions from the harshness of life, so one needs to come to a mature understanding. It is the view that meets these challenges that determine whether it is a "problem" or no problem.

Everything is already done. The nature of time itself is impossible to pin down, and the nature that is Perfection is all pervasive. People don't see "no problem" because it is too close; once it is realized, one sees that it has always been so.

Jai Ma! (edited by Jayanta... Photo of Jagu Baba Aghori by Kohinoor Roy)