Friday, November 20, 2009


There was an Ashram for a great Guru, and one student everyday would go into the Guru's garden and smoke. Another student wanted to smoke in the garden also, so he went to the teacher and asked "Guruji, can I smoke in the garden"? The Guru said, "NO". The obvious moral is that one shouldn't ask unless they want an answer. But there is also a more subtle one....see it?

One fellow asked his Guru, "Guruji, can I meditate while smoking"? The Guru said, "You must!" Another fellow came and asked "Guruji, can I smoke while meditating"? The Guru said, "Get out of my site you filthy animal."

A demon was attacking a mountain village, so the villagers sought out a realized master of awareness. The master told the demon to go away and the demon just laughed. The villages next found a fellow who was not self realized but had an iron will. This fellow told the demon to go, and it fled in terror.

There was one fellow who was really not a nice person. If you had encountered him then you would say that the fellow was not a spiritual person and had a long way to go toward salvation and freedom. This fellow was born with four arms and three eyes, so even his appearance was ugly. However, the child's mother was told that the deformities would be cured when the child was held by the person that would kill him. Of course, this was a mixed bag of news, as the deformities would be gone, but it meant that her son would be killed. The child's name was Shishupal, and he had a cousin of some renown named Krishna. When Krishna finally met his cousin and held him, the extra arms and eye receded. Shishupal's mother was shocked and told Krishna that he would kill her child. Krishna replied that he would take one hundred insults from him, and he did. Shishupal was always going around bad mouthing Krishna, calling him a fake and fraud and questioning his true aims and character. The final straw came during a sacrifice and Shishupal challenged Krishna to fight. Krishna had taken one hundred insults, and he was a warrior who could not refuse a battle challenge. So he threw his Chakra and took off the head of Shishupal clean off. The spirit revealed itself as Jay/Vijay, one of Lord Hari's best disciples, and he came and gave pranam to Krishna saying "Thank you, you have freed me". The gatekeepers of Vishnu named Jay and Vijay were cursed to take birth. They could have taken twelve normal births, but decided to take three births as a demon instead. One should be careful when judging another, as one cannot be certain of who they actually are.

There was a fellow named Ajit who spent all his time in quite contentment. He had no interest in jobs, money, friends, or much of anything. His family and people around the man said "this fellow is good for nothing." When his family members died, they met Yama/Dharmaraja, and he asked them "what are you good for?" The peoples subtle essence released a hectic and long list of things they could do and aspired to do. They said, "See, Dharmaraja, we are good for something!" Dharmaraja said, "Indeed" and threw their souls into the reincarnated existence. When Ajit came to meet Dharmaraja, he was asked the same question and replied "I am good for nothing". The subtle essence was quite and in repose, so Dharmaraja said "Indeed", and the fellow passed the gate to ultimate liberation.

A young lady from Bengal grew up with loving parents and a good education. However, her parents died quite abruptly and a greedy uncle took all the wealth and property. She was given to a foul man in marriage who beat and raped her regularly. Her new in-laws treated her like a lowly slave and made jokes at her expense. Having taken enough, she fled and found a Tantric sitting in the cremation grounds. She told him, "Guruji, I am having many problems." She related her situation to him and with bitterness described her fall. She told him "Guruji, this is not right, please help me so that I can solve these troubles and be redeemed by having revenge." The Tantric was touched by her story and saw something in her, so he said, "I will teach you the Vidya, and if you are faithful to the sadhana, then you can solve these problems and have your vengeance." He gave her the Diksha and sadhana and told her that she would need to do it for five years in the cremation grounds. It seemed like a long and difficult time, but just the thought of those thieves and criminals getting what coming to them made her accept the terms. Five years later, the Tantric returned to the shamshan and saw that his student was still present. He told her, "You have done well. You can now deal with your problems." She said "Guruji, I don't have any problems." See, Tantra solves problems.

Hope you liked the stories.
Jai Ma!