Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Meeting in the Mountains

One did not usually see bums in the mountain town where I was living. The small city was about nine thousand feet above sea level, but was still surrounded by the higher peaks of the Rockie Mountains. A bit away from the city, I had been renting a very small cabin which was above the road leading into Rockie Mountain National Park. One day, there was a motorcade on the road bellow me which was escorting the newly elected president to the Park. This was presumably to "clear some brush" and have a nice rugged picture taken. I simply watched from the higher ground since I had neither the manpower nor means for a coup at that point. It was only a month or so later that the fellow from the motorcade would have to deal with issues larger than brush. But the main point here was that in this location, presidents and secret service aside, one did not normally see bums.

Breaking the routine dictated by a reclusive nature, I went into the town for a shopping excursion. There was a little strip of stores with a parking lot, and I pulled in. Sitting in the car, I notice that there is a lady sitting on a bench outside one of the stores. She looks plenty the worse for wear with dirty cloths and hair that is in serious need of a wash and comb. She also looks quite crazy and seems to be talking to herself. Because of the utter strangeness of the seen and the location, I decide that this is fate and too good a chance to pass up. I get out of the car and walk slowly toward the lady displaying the caution of approaching a wild animal. I decide to just walk by first and test things, but as I am about to go past she yells, "'s ok, come and sit down." I walk over and sit down next to her with the conviction that I should be truly open and take whatever is given. She is clearly drunk and pulls out a bottle "you want a drink". I say, "Ah, no thank you, I'm good". "Hahaha, your good, don't be such a pussy." She has a bitter note and the effect of the drink is giving her a belligerent tone. Nevertheless, I just stay open and passive. She begins to size me up saying some good things for a while and then starts to brutally put me down. "You have a big noose" she says, "you must have been lying hahaha, I should smash your noose, how would you like that." This continues for a while, and I remain completely open and take all the barbs without moving in my Being. Finally, seeing that all the energy has settled, I rise to take my leave. I walk a few feet, turn around and say "Jai Ma". She beams a divine smile of recognition, then she frowns and says "fuck off".